Privacy Policy

Kenko complies with laws and regulations on personal information and takes extra care to protect customers’ privacy.

Photo By Hal Gatewood

Collection of personal information

Kenko may collect personal information to the extent necessary in the following cases.

  • When receiving inquiries
  • When being requested for services

Purpose of using personal information

We are, we will use the following purposes: personal information collected from our customers.

  • For contacting customers
  • For answering inquiries from customers
  • For providing services to customers

Provision of personal information to third party

Kenko does not disclose to third parties any personal information obtained from customers, with the following exceptions:

  • Prior consent of the principal
  • Request from the Police
  • Authorization by applicable laws

Disclosure and correction of personal information

Kenko shall follow request from the principal for disclosing, correcting and deleting his or her personal information.

Contact us For protection of privacy, please contact:

  • General Affairs, Kenko Corporation
  • TEL. 03-6820-8066
  • FAX. 03-6820-8072