A B2B distributor of quality chemicals
for healthier life and greener earth

Strong in exclusive and long term relationship with suppliers and customers, Kenko trades worldwide in industrial chemical materials, food and nutritional ingredients, pharmaceutical intermediates, and feed additives to deliver the benefit of healthier life styles and cleaner, safer environment


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The products we handle include exclusively imported oleochemicals and Japanese made coatings, primarily for functional improvement of cosmetics, cleaning agents, and lens materials. In addition to strong cost-competitiveness, we have a stable supply and are always oriented toward timely support to our customers.

Food Additives

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Kenko also offers both generic and value-added functional additives that are competitive in price, service and technology. Our food additive portfolios include ascorbic acid, citric acid, and monosodium glutamate that are applicable to beverages and food processing, as well as high sweetness sweeteners (such as sucralose and acesulfame-K that are added to low calorie food and drinks) and polysaccharide thickeners (such as xanthane gum, gellan gum and pectin that improve food texture, viscosity and gelling).


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When developing new medicines, customers choose Kenko for the optimally assured pharma intermediates that we source from China, Korea, India and Europe via our global connections. Pharmaceutical companies in China and India now even prefer Kenko to source from Japan high quality raw materials and intermediates for pharmaceutical applications.


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We carefully source suppliers of quality raw materials for nutritional supplements, and has built a stable and reliable supply chain for processing and manufacturing in Japan and the US. Major products range from basic materials like vitamins, amino acids, mineral yeasts for mineral supplements, to clinically-verified herbal ingredients and functional foods.

Advanced Chemicals

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With a stable supply of imported specialty industrial chemicals such as amines and their derivatives, naphthols, methylating agents, ethylating agents, and fluorine resins, we support a broad range of applications from surfactants, synthetic resins to non-ferrous metals.

Feed Additives

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Kenko’s longtime relationship with overseas feed producers brings to customers the indisputable benefit of assured safety, quality, and affordability. Every product is screened with the utmost discretion to abide by rules of safety and quality. We offer various vitamins, amino acids, nutritional elements, mineral supplements and antibacterial agents, including ascorbic acid and its derivatives, as well as vitamin E in both oil and powder form.

Specialty Chemicals

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A long term relationship with partners in Japan and abroad inspires us to explore new business in ingredients and raw materials of cosmetics, food and beverages, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals and anodized dyes.

Protective Coatings

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We work together with professionals to implement on-site operation using our imported European polyurethane coating products that are unique in single-process solutions for thermal insulating, waterproofing and repairing current ageing factory roofs. We offer the same services in import and construction of specialty cross-linked PE pipes and polyurea, for the benefit of pipes’ rehabilitation, renewal and life extension.